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Comprehensive and detailed training

I did my IOM training at SMS in 2012-2013 and I could not be happier with the result. When I first started, I did not really have a good idea of what to expect out of the training and the staff, but I was surprised at how professional and friendly everyone was. Our training was extremely comprehensive and detailed. Now when working my job, I feel very prepared to tackle any issues that arise. This preparedness and problem-solving in procedures is exactly what SMS emphasizes in its graduates. In addition, after graduation, they actively supported us in our job hunt and continuing our education. The program director, Karen, who is charismatic and incredibly knowledgeable about IOM, ensures that we are well trained following the guidelines, and also offers additional instruction, post-certification if we have any questions about current cases or new techniques. I have personally called Karen on many occasions when I have run upon a complicated case or procedure. I feel that once you come through the program, everyone treats you like you are part of the SMS family, and you remain that way, even after graduation. I like SMS!


The program is fantastic

My name is Luma,Peguy.I am a Dentist from Haiti. I came to USA with the objective to become a maxillofacial surgeon, but I didn't have enough financial support to realize that dream and the requirements were so difficult .At that difficult time ,I met a friend who told me about the IOM program at SMS.I met with Mrs. Karen Persely. Ihave never regretted that meeting. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I enjoy being a board certified IONM clinician.The program is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a big difference in their life and career.

Luma,peguy ,DDS,CNIM

A big thank you to everyone at SMS

I have been very privileged to have attended SMS's IOM program as a student in 2014. I have also been fortunate to know the training director, Karen Persely BS, CNIM, R.EPT since 2011 when I first had questions about the program and questions about a career in IOM. I was honestly very nervous about making such a big life change moving from Ohio to Texas and quitting my job of over 5 years. I am pleased to say that SMS's program GREATLY EXCEEDED all my hopes and expectations. In my life I have attended a great number of academic programs from a community college (Paramedic), online degree program (BS CIS), Nursing school, and Liberal Arts. I can honestly say that SMS's program from beginning to end and beyond has been THE BEST experience I've ever had IN MY LIFE. Everyone from the Preceptors, office staff, support staff, administration to the Surgeons and Training Staff took an active interest in my learning. Finally, Karen Persely has consistently gone above and beyond her assigned job duties without fail. She was there throughout the whole process from the classroom to the clinical and then the arduous board prep process. After the program I was able to secure several interviews and employment at a hospital practicing IOM in a little over a month! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE AT SMS!!


David Pais, BA, BS, CNIM, R.EPT, RN, EMT-P

It is one of the best decisions I ever made

I have worked in the Operating Room over 30 years in many different capacities, mostly in the position of Surgical Technologist. I was involved in the "neuro" aspect of surgical services throughout a better part of my career and was introduced to the field of IOM. I found the program to be organized very well in that there is a period of weeks in the beginning that is dedicated to academic perspectives dealing extensively with the nervous system. The second part of the program is designed to provide the student with the clinical portion of the profession where they are paired with a CNIM to learn the hands on side of IOM. After achieving an evaluated level of confidence from the preceptors, students begin to collect the 150 procedures necessary for eligibility to sit for the board exam. While gathering those 150 procedures students are continuously mentored by a CNIM that further strengthens the ability to perform in the profession. The students are also prepared for the board exam with an intense review at the end of the program. In retrospect, the only one piece that I wish would have been included would have been programing. Most IOM companies have programs that are already prepared to use for any procedure that you would cover routinely, but knowing how to manipulate the programs on your own is a very valuable piece of knowledge to have but certainly not necessary to perform. I cannot say enough about the director and all the staff that are involved with this IOM program. The expertise and the devotion of the staff have enabled many like me to be successful in the field of neuro physiologic monitoring. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. The relationships that were built during this program are worth more than I can ever express! The support continues long after you become certified.

Lisa Lambert BS, CNIM